Sooch Foundation funds organizations we believe will make a concrete, sustainable impact on our target population. In order to accurately assess the impact of these partnerships, we ask our current grantees to evaluate, track, and report to the Foundation their progress.

In line with the Foundation’s new strategy adopted in 2013, Sooch leadership is particularly interested in data that demonstrates increases in wages and/or increased credentials that lead to higher wages, such as college degrees or other post-secondary certifications. View in Appendix A of the Evaluation Report the listing of indicators Sooch Foundation evaluates its philanthropic investments. Please know the indicators provided are not an all-inclusive list nor may they be applicable to all specific project/program.

Important Update to Evaluation Process given COVID-19: All April 2020 Sooch Foundation grants were unrestricted to alleviate stressors created by the pandemic. For this reason, the above delineated  evaluation data markers are not necessary and any general reporting of the use of Sooch grant funds will be sufficient at the 12-month reporting interval.

Only grants which exceed $10,000 are required to report an Interim Evaluation (6-month check-in) and Final Evaluation (12-month documented report).

Beginning in 2017, all funding decisions for the calendar year are to made at the April Board of Directors quarterly meeting.

Therefore, evaluation reports for grants will be as noted:

  • Interim Evaluation: by October (of the grant year)
  • Final Evaluation: by April (following the grant year)

Evaluation forms are developed specific to and in coordination with  grantee and are included in Grant Award Letter. For any questions regarding the evaluation process or reporting, please contact Mary Ellen Pietrusynski, Executive Director,